tools for woodworkingMost people have some kind of hobby in their lives, some they started when they were young and have carried on with their passion through their teens and into adulthood. Anyone can be introduced into a hobby at any period in their lives.

Hobbies come in all different shapes and sizes but here we are going to introduce you to woodworking. You might take it up as a hobby to start with and then decide on a career change much like I did.

When I left school I wanted to be a cabinet maker as I did really like woodwork and technical drawing but was unable to get an apprenticeship in any kind of aspect in carpentry, so took my second choice and secured an apprenticeship as a motor vehicle technician.

Due to various events mostly being young and carefree I did not complete the apprenticeship fully but still achieved the City and Guilds qualification. I then entered the world of building starting as a laborer working my way through different trades but ended up in the profession I wanted to do as a school leaver carpentry and have loved every minute of dealing with wood and many woodworking projects as I still do now, funny how events can turn full circle.

Enough about me this is meant to be an introduction into the world of carpentry be it a hobby, a one off project or possibly a career.

I will try to cover health and safety, the multitude of tools from basic to specialized, all the different types of timber, simple projects and loads more over the coming weeks and months.